2,53 Billion Vietnam Dong spent by the EVNNPT labour unions at all levels to social, charitable and acknowledgement activities nation-wide in 2018.

6 “Union Homes” granted to the families of the 6 union members and labourers of EVNNPT in 2018.

100% Staff of EVNNPT have secured social, health care and accident insurances; have regular health check; have vacations.

2,42 Is the total capacity (MWp) of the solar power panels being installed by EVNNPT on the roof of the control stations of 101 substations of 220 - 500 kV.

217 Technical innovation initiatives by EVNNPT staff and approved by EVNNPT in 2018.

EVNNPT for humans

We emphasize humanity in every aspect of our activities

EVNNPT for society

We grow with the development of the local community

EVNNPT for environment

We maintain the natural resources and values of the environment in every investment decision, every technological solution