EVNNPT will become a leading power transmision company in Asia

Vision of EVNNPT

Core values

Each EVNNPT commits to: Comply with regulations, Dedicate with the organization, Respect each other, Responsible with work and Trust in EVNNPT future.”


EVNNPT’s affiliated organizations and individuals always comply with the laws and the regulations, procedures and processes of EVNNPT.



EVNNPT’s affiliated organisations and individuals always respect the governance, steering, and comments of the higher level of management; respect partners and relevant organisations. Pay due appreciation, respect to individuals and the human culture, altruism, and always pay attention to create a sound working environment.



EVNNPT’s affiliated organisations and individuals always promote the spirit of high responsibility and professionalism, and are always ready to receive and perform the tasks entrusted by the organization with maximum sense of responsibility. EVNNPT is committed to completely fulfilling its responsibilities, and always acts for the benefits of the nation and of the Electricity of Vietnam.