EVNNPT will continue to pay attention to expand appropriate training methods and improve the quality of training programs to meet the increasing demand of human resources, contributing to the enhancement of EVNNPT's reputation and brand image

Our People

Training and human resources development has been considered a focus in our development strategy. EVNNPT has developed and implemented the Training Plan for 2016-2020 through the annual plan, specifically:

Training managers at different levels according to EVN's framework programs to gradually build a team of leaders and managers that are good at not only in expertise but also in corporate management.

Training technical experts in the field of power transmission, namely, control and protection, transformer experts...

Training and organizing examinations for workers and operators. EVNNPT has been finalizing a unified set of materials for vocational training that match practical and technological requirements; examination of safety and levels of skill tests in the form of multiple choice on computer. Thereby, the skills for workers have gradually been improved.

Training to update legal knowledge, improve professional qualifications and job-handling skills for managers and office employees.

Training in foreign languages for employees to meet the requirements of international integration...